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Pertanika Fact-sheet                                                                

Instructions to Authors

Authors are advised to read our INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS before
preparing your manuscript for submission.                                                      

You may also read "About the Journal". Visit our website at

Manuscript Submission

Authors should read the 'Manuscript Submission Guide' thoroughly before submitting their article to Pertanika using the 'Manuscript Submission Kit'.

1.Manuscript Submission GUIDE

This GUIDE contains the following items:

Sample of a Cover Letter
Important Information Sheet
Reference List for Scope of the Journal (JTAS, JST, JSSH).
2.Manuscript Submission KIT

This KIT contains the following items:

Declaration Form
Referral Form (suggestion of potential referee).
3.Copyright Agreement

This form must be duly signed and completed by the submitting author.

Other Forms

(For Editorial Office Use Only)

Reviewers should read the 'Manuscript Reviewing Guide' before evaluating the manuscripts submitted to Pertanika using the 'Manuscript Reviewing Kit'.

1.Manuscript Reviewing GUIDE

This GUIDE contains the following items:

Pertanika Review process
Reviewer's Guidelines for Article Evaluation
2.Manuscript Reviewing KIT(regular issues)

This KIT contains the following items:

Manuscript Reviewing (Comments form).
Manuscript Reviewing Incentive (Claim form).
3.DECISION FORM(regular issues)

For the editorial board member, chief editor and or executive editor

Final Acceptance or Rejection of Manuscript for Publication.

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