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Contradictory Outcomes of Development Technologies on Women Weavers' Livelihoods in Eastern Indonesia

Tamara Megaw

Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 27, Issue 2, June 2019

Keywords: Development, Indonesia, livelihoods, participation, technology

Published on: 28 June 2019

In Central Manggarai region of Flores, Indonesia, a policy of spatial clustering was introduced with the goal of enhancing productivity of the traditional weaving sector. This involved the installation of new weaving loom technology and skills training for weavers. This study of the subjectivities of women weavers and their perceptions of technological upgrading processes examines how policies designed without the participation of the people they aim to support can prompt adverse, contradictory outcomes.

ISSN 1511-3701

e-ISSN 2231-8542

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