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Growth, Mortality and Recruitment Patterns of Amblyrhynichthys truncatus (Bleeker) in Paya Bungor, Pahang

Mohd. Azmi Ambak

Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 7, Issue 3, December 1984

Keywords: Growth; mortality; recruitment.

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This paper attempts to determine the growth, mortality and recruitment patterns of Amblyrhynichthys truncatus by using a computer-based method for the analysis of length-frequency data (ELEFAN I & II). It is shown that this species has an approximate life span of four years with the following growth parameters; L∲=29.5cm, K=0.425 and -0.41989. While natural mortality (M = 1.04) is comparable to other species in the lake, fishing mortality (F – 4.15) and exploitation rates are found to be relatively high. This fish is highly susceptible to trammel nets with full retention occurring at 18cm length while the mean length at first capture is 17.8cm. There appears to be a single recruitment season with a peak in January.

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