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School Readiness, Cognitive, and Language Abilities of Six 6-Year-Old Malay Children with Cochlear Implants: A Case Study

Nanthanat Uttraphan Pim, Rogayah A. Razak, Cila Umat, Normah Che Din, Siti Zamratol Mai-Sarah Mukari, Siti Sabzah Mohd Hashim, Tengku Mohamed Izam Tengku Kamalden and Zulkiflee Salahudin

Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 28, Issue 3, September 2020

Keywords: Cochlear implant, cognitive abilities, language abilities, Malay children, normal hearing, school readiness

Published on: 25 September 2020

Cochlear implant is an electronic medical device that helps to restore hearing in children and adults with sensorineural hearing loss by replacing the function of the damaged parts of the cochlea and electrically providing sound signals to the brain. For school-aged children, the ability to hear is crucial as it enables them to acquire school readiness skills that are vital to their learning in mainstream schools alongside normal hearing children. This study described the school readiness of six 6-year-old Malay children with cochlear implants together with their cognitive and language abilities prior to their school entry. The school readiness of the children with cochlear implants was rated by their parents based on the Year One School Readiness Scale. Their cognitive abilities were measured using the Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence, Second Edition (CTONI-2) while their language abilities were determined using the Malay Preschool Language Assessment Tool (MPLAT), the Malay Language Assessment, Remediation, and Screening Procedure (Malay-LARSP), and the Multilingual Phonological Test (MPT). All findings were compared with the normative values obtained from same-aged normal hearing children. Results determined that 5 of 6 children with cochlear implants were not ready for mainstream school, 4 of 6 children with cochlear implants had cognitive abilities that were below average of developmental norms, and all 6 children with cochlear implants had language abilities that were not commensurable with their chronological age.

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