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Maslahah Approach in Halal-Logistics Operation

Hanifah, M. F. H., Rafeah, S., Zakiah, S., Zulaipa, R. and Munirah, A.

Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 25, Issue S, December 2017

Keywords: Best practice, contamination, fiqh, halal-logistics, Maslahah

Published on: 1 May 2018

Halal logistics is part of halal supply chain and it covers warehousing, transportation and terminal operations. Thus, this study aims to examine the scope of halal logistics and its applicability for Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Apart from that, an established Shari'ah principle, namely the Maslahah concept, will be appraised with a special focus on contamination in halal-logistics. The prominent Muslim scholars' views on Maslahah and its application in this industry are also analysed. This is a qualitative study using descriptive and explanatory approaches. It employs content analysis to review systematically the facts derived from various literature and documents. This study shows Maslahah plays a significant role in the operations of halal-logistics to protect public interest. It suggests that in handling the contamination issue in the halal-logistics system, the Maslahah approach is a best practice that should be widely adopted. Moreover, it is believed that the Maslahah approach could serve as a benchmark with the existing halal standard and constitute a sufficient measure for implementation of effective halal-logistics.

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