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Preliminary Studies on Nutritional Qualities of Malaysian Tempeh

Mohamed Ismail Bin Abdul Karim

Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 4, Issue 2, December 1981

Keywords: Moisture; protein; fat; ash; fibre; total amino acids; soya bean; tempeh

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Commercial tempeh and soybean purchased from small processors and markets at various places in Malaysia were analysed for moisture, protein, fat, ash, crude fibre and total amino acids. Tempeh was found to have 65.08% moisture content, 40.22% protein, 21.73% fat, 4.18% ash and 9.39% crude fibre. No significant difference was found in the protein and ash content between the tempeh and unfermented soybean. The fat and crude fibre in tempeh were found to be significantly higher than in the soybean. Not much difference was found in the amino acid pattern of soybean and tempeh. Tempeh was found to have glutamic and aspartic acid content of 15.34g/16g N and 10.10g/16g N respectively which form the major component of amino acid. It was also rich in lysine, arginine, and leucine having 6.38g/16g N, 5.53g/ 16g N and 7.86g/l 6g N respectively. Methionine and cystine content however was found to be low.

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