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COMMUNICATION I: A Preliminary Serological and Bacteriological Survey of Leptospirosis in Pigs in Selangor


Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 7, Issue 1, April 1984

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Three hundred and four serum samples and 50 kidneys were sampled from pigs at the Shah Alam Abattoir, Malaysia fo r evidence o f leptospiral infection. The serum samples were tested against 8 leptospiral serovars and the overall prevalence o f agglutinating antibodies was 26.6% as disclosed by the leptospiral microscopic agglutination test (MAT). Serological examination showed that 9.2% o f the pigs had titres (>1:30) to icterohaemorrhagiae, 5.3% to p omo n a and 4.3 to tarassovi. Nine o f the 81 positive sera had titres to 2 or more antigens. Leptospires were seen in two o f the kidney cultures but the organisms could not be isolated due to excessive bacterial contamination. The significance of these findings in relation to the epidemiology o f leptospiral infection in pigs is discussed.

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