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The Power of Word of Mouth to Establish Brand Positioning (A Case Study of the House of Raminten as a Modern Style of Angkringan Traditional in Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Fitria Ayuningtyas and Uljanatunnisa

Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 27, Issue 2, June 2019

Keywords: Angkringan, brand positioning, culinary, the House Raminten, word of mouth

Published on: 28 June 2019

Cities across Indonesia attract tourists for several reasons. Yogyakarta is among the main tourism destinations, known primarily for its culinary tourism. One of the famous angkringan cuisines in Yogyakarta is found in the House of Raminten. Angkringan is a Javanese traditional rice, side dishes, and beverages with definitely inexpensive price, and it is mostly familiar as street food. The House of Raminten is well-known for its eccentric angkringan. Recognizing the importance of the brand in the customer's mind, the management of the House of Raminten continuously to develop the restaurant's brand positioning namely modern style of angkringan traditional. For tourists, the House of Raminten is known through information from an individual to another or from an individual to groups. The information widely spreads because the restaurant management applies gethok tular or 'word of mouth' as a marketing strategy. This research aims to investigate the power of word of mouth as a strategy to establish brand positioning in the House of Raminten. The theoretical framework employs in this research is AIDA model consisting of Attention (Awareness), Interest, Desire, and Action. This research employs qualitative method and case study approach. The results reveal that gethok tular or 'word of mouth' has an absolutely strong impact. The rapid consumer increase of the House of Raminten is caused by not only 'word of mouth', but also e-word of mouth and the establishment of brand positioning. Furthermore, this is also proven that the House of Raminten's consumers are mostly middle-class who use social media in their daily activities.

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