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From Green to Lean: Firms' Waste Management Practices and Their Impacts on Business Performance

Business performance, green practices, lean practices, manufacturing companies, waste management

Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 24, Issue S, November 2016

Keywords: Shari'ah criminal offences, Enforcement, Selangor, Religious Enforcement Officer

Published on: 17 Feb 2017

Public concern for environmental preservation has made solid waste management one of modern society's most relevant issues. The objectives of this study are to investigate the relationship between green practices and lean practices, and examine their impact on business performance. Green and lean practices have both been proven by many researchers to be able to reduce waste in an efficient and effective way. However, there has been a lack of empirical evidence to support the claim that these two practices are highly related to each other and can result in an improvement in business performance. Based on the data collected from 119 manufacturers in Malaysia, correlations and a multiple regression analysis were used to test the claims mentioned. The results indicate presence of significant positive relationships between different components of green and lean practices. The elements of environmental cooperation with the customer and supplier, investment recovery, and business waste management in green practices are comparable and significantly related to supplier relationships, housekeeping (5S), and waste elimination in the lean philosophy. Both practices were also found to be significantly related with business performance. This study has implications for both theory and practice.

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