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Relative Power Performance of t-test and Bootstrap Procedure for Two-Sample

Nor Aishah Ahad, Suhaida Abdullah, Lai Choo Hengn and Nazihah Mohd. Ali

Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 20, Issue 1, January 2012

Keywords: Bootstrap, power, t-test

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The classical procedures of comparing two groups, such as t-test are, usually restricted with the assumptions of normality and equal variances. When these assumptions are violated, the rates of the Type I errors of the independent samples t-test are affected, particularly when the sample sizes are small. In this situation, the bootstrap procedure has an advantage over the parametric t-test. In this study, the performances of the bootstrap procedure and the independent sample t-test were investigated. The investigation focused on the power of both the test procedures to compare the two groups under different design specifications for normal and chi-square distributions. The results showed that the bootstrap procedure has a slight edge over the conventional t-test in term of the rate of achieving the benchmark level for both the distributions. In fact, the bootstrap procedure consistently outperformed the conventional t-test across all the combinations of the test conditions.

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