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Rooting Cuttings of Gardenia jasminoides, Duranta repens, and Bougainville glabra with Growth Retardants

Wan Chee Keong

Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 5, Issue 1, July 1982

Keywords: Growth retardants; butanedioic acid mono-2(2, 2-dimethyl hydrazide) (Alar); a-cyclopropyl a (p-methoxyplienyl) — 5-pyrimidinemethanol (Ancymidol); 2-chloroethyl-trimethyl ammonium chloride (Cycocel), gardenia; duranta; bougainville; cuttings; adventitious

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Effects of Alar, Ancymidol, and Cycocel on the rooting characteristics were studied on cutting so fGardenia jasminoides, Duranta repens, and Bougainville glabra. Alar and Ancymidol produced a greater number of adventitio us roots in gardenia b u t n o t in duranta cuttings. The mo st significant results were o b ta in ed with Alar and Ancymidol at 2 5 0 0 p pm and 2 0 0 p pm respectively. The roots of Ancym idol-treated gardenia cuttings were observed to be more fib ro u s and thinner whilst those o f bougainville cu ttin g s were larger in size. Cucocel a t 25000 ppm seems to have a inhibitory e ffe c t on root form a tionin gardenia cuttings. R o o t growth and rooting percentage of the three species studied were not affected by the g rowth retardants.

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