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A Study on the Effects of Certain Growth Substances on Germination of Oil Palm (Elaeis quineensis Jacq.) Seeds

C.K. Wan and H.L. Hor

Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 6, Issue 2, August 1983

Keywords: Elaeis guineensis; seed germination; presoak; heat treatment; growth hormones; gibberellin; kinetin; ethephon.

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The oil palm seed is dormant at maturity. Soaking seeds in solutions of gibberellic acid (GA3) (250 and 500 µg/l), and ethephon (1000 and 2000 µg/l) prior to heat treatment was ineffective in breaking their dormancy. However, GA3 at the concentration of 500 µg/l improved seed germination at 30, 45 and 60 days after heat treatment. No synergistic action and seed germination was obtained when GA3 and ethephon was used in combination with kinetin.

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