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An Approach for Identification of Copy-Move Image Forgery based on Projection Profiling

Mohd Dilshad Ansari, Satya Prakash Ghrera and Mohd Wajid

Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology, Volume 25, Issue 2, April 2017

Published: 27 Apr 2017

An image forgery is a common problem which causes the negative impact on society. In the earlier period it did not affect the general public because the sophisticated image processing software and editing tools were not easily available. Thus, the rapid growth of the image processing software makes this task pretty easy. If it is done with care then it is very difficult for humans to recognize visually whether the image is original or forged. Therefore, the authenticity of an image is a necessity of today's digital era. The copy-move image forgery is the most common type of image forgery in which an area or object is copied and pasted at some other places within the same image in order to hide some important features of the image. In this paper, we have proposed copy-move image forgery detection technique based on the image projection profiling. First, we convert the input image into binary image. The horizontal and vertical projection profiles, which are used in estimating the rectangular regions of copy-move image forgery, are then calculated. The experimental result shows that the proposed approach is able to detect copy-move region successfully and significant improvements have been suggested in computational time compared to other reported algorithms. The performance of proposed approach is demonstrated on various forged images.

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