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Proposed Methodology for End-of-Life Option using Multi Criteria Decision Analysis: A Study for General Paper Product

Salwa Mahmood, Muhammad Aizrul Ezuan Edirudzin and Nur Syamimi Jiran

Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology, Volume 29, Issue 4, October 2021

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47836/pjst.29.4.40

Keywords: Analytical hierarchy process, end-of-life, multi-criteria decision analysis, paper product

Published on: 29 October 2021

Over the years, the world population has been growing exponentially. This population growth affects the number of waste products due to the increased production, which leads to greater environmental impact and other problems. There are different numbers of product end-of-life (EOL) options to handle waste based on product characteristics. This research is designed to develop a methodology to determine the best EOL option for a paper product using the analytical hierarchy process (AHP). AHP is one of the multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) methods employed to select the best option by considering the user’s preferences and output of competing EOL options related to different product criteria. A graphical user interface (GUI) called AHP-based software was developed using Microsoft Excel through the programming function of Visual Basic for Applications as a user facilitating tool when conducting the analysis. The case study technique is applied to five different types of paper products to assess the capability of the proposed AHP-based software. Results from the AHP-based software reveal that recycling is the most suitable EOL technique for most paper products compared to other techniques. However, polluted products with ink or food waste and coating may not be suitable for this method. The research assists the users to identify the most sustainable ways to handle paper product waste based on the product condition.

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