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The Jewel Orchids of Crocker Range Park, Sabah, Malaysia: A Review

Matelda De Avesha Sudin and Siti Fatimah Md.-Isa

Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology, Volume 47, Issue 1, February 2024


Keywords: Borneo, checklist, conservation, endemic, Goodyerinae, IUCN, Orchidaceae

Published on: 23 Febuary 2024

Jewel orchids are usually recognised by their distinctive foliar and can be found in undisturbed habitats, such as Crocker Range Park, Sabah. The pristine habitat in the park provided a suitable condition for jewel orchids to thrive in their habitat. In Malaysia, jewel orchids are appreciated for their ornamental value due to their uniqueness. At the same time, in other countries, it was reported that jewel orchids are used as medicinal plants due to their medicinal properties. Although jewel orchids have been recorded in Sabah, specific studies and species checklists have yet to be made for the Crocker Range Park due to insufficient data. Moreover, the current conservation status of all recorded jewel orchid species in Sabah remains unknown. Therefore, this study comprises a review of information on jewel orchid species in the park, including other general or worldwide diversity, economic importance, conservation status, and action plans. This review used secondary data, including fieldwork collections, checklists, published journals, and available online data. From the review, eight genera and ten species of jewel orchids have been recorded in the park. Three endemic species were found from all recorded species: Anoectochilus monicae J. J. Wood, Goodyera condensata Ormerod& J. J. Wood, and Goodyera rostellata Ames & C. Schweinf. The outcome of this study can be utilised in the upcoming diversity study on jewel orchids in the park while providing the baseline for a management plan for the conservation of jewel orchids in the park.

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