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Length-Frequency Distribution, Length-Weight Relationship and Condition Factor of Sompat Grunt Pomadasys jubelini (Cuvier, 1830) off Lagos Coast, Nigeria

Adebiyi, F. A.

Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 36, Issue 4, November 2013

Keywords: Condition factor, growth pattern, Lagos coast, length-frequency distribution, length-weight relationship, Pomadasys jubelini, sompat grunts

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Length-frequency distribution, length-weight relationship and condition factor of sompat grunt Pomadasys jubelini off the Lagos coast, Nigeria were investigated in order to study the growth pattern of P. jubelini. A total of four hundred and fifty specimens of P. jubelini were used for this study with body lengths ranging from 13.9-26.6cm (total length) and 11.2-22.1cm (standard length). The body weight ranged from 26.8g to 175.1g. The length-frequency distribution revealed high abundance of P. jubelini in the 21.0-21.9cm (total length) size group which accounted for 17.8% of the total specimens examined. The length-frequency distribution showed a poly-modal size distribution. Length-weight relationship was determined by the regression equation Log W = -1.5325 + 2.8177 Log L (n= 450, r2= 0.69, p < 0.05). P. jubelini showed negative allometric growth (b = 2.8177) which indicated proportionate growth was more in body length than in body weight. The mean condition factor was significantly higher for males (1.92 ± 0.02) as compared to females (1.75 ± 0.03) (p < 0.05). Results of this study are important and relevant for the stock assessment and fishery management of P. jubelini in the Lagos coast.

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