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Influence of the Use of Brands in a Foreign Language (English) on the Purchase Decision Process of Cosmetic Products Made in Indonesia

Rachmawati, I., Sary, F. P. and Perdani, D. R.

Pertanika Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 24, Issue S, July 2016

Keywords: Brand, purchase-decision process, cosmetics, path analysis

Published on: 25 Nov 2016

Business competition in the marketing world today is getting tougher. It takes the right strategy to be able to attract the attention and interest of consumers. One strategy applied by businesses is to use a foreign language, especially English, in their branding because brand names in the Indonesian language are perceived to be less credible. The purpose of this study was to analyse the influence of brands in English on the purchase-decision process of consumers of cosmetic products made in Indonesia. This was a causal research study using the quantitative approach and it involved 400 respondents in Bandung chosen by convenience sampling. The research model was made of two variables, which were brands in a foreign language (i.e. the attributes of benefits, values, culture, personality and user) and the purchase-decision process. The data collected were processed using path analysis techniques. The results showed that use of the brand in English influenced the purchase-decision process of buying cosmetic products made in Indonesia and only the attributes of benefits, culture, personality and user partially gave influence to the purchase-decision process of consumers of cosmetic products made in Indonesia.

ISSN 0128-7702

e-ISSN 2231-8534

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