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Experimental Study of Hydraulic Jumps in an Inclined Rectangular Flume

Dillip K. Ghose, Priya Mandal and Sandeep Samantaray

Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology, Volume 27, Issue 1, January 2019

Keywords: Bed slope, energy loss, hydraulic jump, inclined rectangular flume, sequent depth ratio

Published on: 24 Jan 2019

Hydraulic jumps on an inclined rectangular channel are the subject matter of this paper. The hydraulic jump is the sudden transition from a high velocity super critical flow to a subcritical flow regime in an open channel flow. The flow properties were solved using continuity and momentum principles. Laboratory experiments of hydraulic jumps in an inclined flume were conducted to verify the theoretical sequent-depth ratio, roller length and jump length. Measurements of velocities were made with an acoustic Doppler velocity meter for various Froude numbers flows. In the experiment, the bed slopes of 0.038, 0.094, 0.151, 0.210, 0.270, and 0.333 were used for measuring various flow parameters along the contour of the hydraulic jump. Results have shown that the sequent depth ratio increases with increasing the positive slope. Based on the present investigation the dimensionless length of the jump is significantly dependent on the bed.

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